Do you know who invented the electrical plug?   Perhaps not everyone knows the story of the Power Plug and how to select it based on the country of use. Below is a brief anecdote and web sites to visit to better understand and use the plugs / sockets distributed on our Globe.   “Mr.Harvey Hubbell (1857-1927) was born in Connecticut Bridgeport, it was: Inventor, Entrepreneur and Industrial.
In 1904 he invented for the United States the power plug, in a second time, with the spread of the use of electricity for heating and lighting appliances it was necessary used this new and practical connection system.
Subsequently, each country decided to develop their own plug / socket instead take the road of unification, here is the reason why we are inundated with different types of plugs.
Several attempts have been made to create the Europlug, but the individual Countries are reluctant to implement this standard.
The change, although slow, has already begun, the European Commission has studied and created a new plug, IEC 60906-1 (phases + earth 250V) and in 1986 the International Electrotechnical Commission has made public the new model.
To date no one has used this new type of plug, only Brazil has adopted calling it NBR.
There have been subsequent amendments, IEC 60906-2 and IEC 60906-3 for 125V for BT”   To better visualize / define and understand which plug will serve in our countries, we invite you to visit the web sites listed below which provide in detail the various applications: >>