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Energy is always moving outward or inward. It can never stay still: if it were still it wouldn’t be energy.

(Osho Rajneesh)


Inspiration is not a privilege of poets or artists in general. There has been and always will be a group of individuals visited by inspiration. They are all those who consciously choose a job and carry it out with passion and imagination.

(Wislawa Szymborska)


Being professional means knowing all the appropriate gestures, everything that is needed to carry out one’s job and one’s art perfectly, taking into account the needs of customers or the employer. Good intentions don’t count, facts count.

(Francesco Alberoni)


Knowledge, whoever has it, must sow it as wheat is sown. Throw it on the earth, on men… spend it. Knowledge does not have to be an elite. Knowledge must be our daily use. The day this happens we will truly be men on earth.

(Andrea Camilleri)


I like the word Trust, in all its variations. I like the sound it makes like things being built together.

(Fabrizio Caramagna)


Winning companies, those characterized by consistently positive results and better than the competition… leave no room for “this can’t be done”, but constantly have the customer at the center of everything…

(Luciano Attolico)