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Satiplugs is a molding company of electrical cables with plugs for the industrial sector. In 1972 Satiplugs start your own business in Sesto Calende . Has always paid great attention to the molding of their plugs with power supply cables using the different sections and types. The quality , the technological requirements and certifications requested by the European and international markets are the foundation of his philosophy. Capodiferro’s family guides by always the staff  and the  activities allowing Satiplugs a  steady growth in their sector of electrical cable with molded plug. The wide range of molded plugs and power cables proposed by Satiplugs is made on the technical specifications supplied directly from their clients. The molded plugs produced by Satiplugs are indispensable for all market sectors including: small and big household appliances , cleaning , vending ,  compressors for professional and hobby use , professional welders,  submersible pumps , etc.. All steps in the production of plugs molded on electric cables, produced  by Satiplugs , are subjected to internal controls. Our company is certificated ISO 9001:2008 , IQNet and CSQ. The Satiplugs products  are approved  both individually and overall, as the company carries out a careful selection of its suppliers, exclusively National and European . The Headquarters of Satiplugs , is located in Sesto Calende (VA) , where the staff consists of 30 professionals working for years in the production of electric cables with plug. Satiplugs makes use of automatic machines and our products are appreciated for their high quality guaranteed .


Satiplugs: first headquarter