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Electrical terminal

Elecrical terminal

Terminals with processing

second side as customer request.

Electromechanical componentsi

Clamps, Cable glands[/caption]

Components applicabile to our finished products

and suitable for assembling products.

Electrical Terminals for Plugs

Electrical Terminals for Plugs

Electrical terminals for plugs. for second side processing, as request by de customer

Electromechanical components

Morsetti, passacavi – Clamps, Cable glands[/caption]

Componenti applicabili ai nostri prodotti finiti

e idonei ad assemblare un semilavorato.

Plugs Saving Solution

Soluzione Saving Plugs

Soluzione Saving Plugs: electromechanical components that can be supplied synergistically with our products that can bring savings to finished equipment manufacturers.

Alcuni esempi

Special Imported Plugs

Special Import Plugs

International import plugs and connectors available from Satiplugs.

Japan plug

China Plug

Taiwan plug

Korea plug

India plug

South African plug

Brazil plug

Russia plug

Singapore plug

Arab Countries plug

UL/CSA plugs


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